April 1st

It used to be fun. Now all I hear is my mum swearing and forgetting what she was swearing about. I hurt all over and can’t sleep because of the constant pain. I am slowly but surely going into a depressive state. This means the thought of leaving you all is on the plate. I am typing here because I a trying to distract my self. I don’t think it is working very well. My brain is working over time and I can’t slow it down. I will go out with my dog Shanti and hope to have a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine.that’s it I’m finished for this post back soon.


I think it’s bad when other people say things to depress you. It’s not really there fault but it is a pain in the ass. I only type stuff like this because I am fed up with just about everything that is happening in my life and in the world. I can’t seem to stop my brain from pushing out irrational thoughts. I am going to take some pills now to slow my brain down. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but at this stage I don’t give a fuck.